USED MACHINERY: In 2012, Massey Ferguson introduced the 7600 series, these making way for the 7700 models in 2016, the 7700S arrived in 2018 and the 7S in late 2021. So lots of frequent changes for used buyers to get their heads around. Here we consider the 2.88m wheelbase 7700, 7700S and 7S models, these 6.6 litre six-cylinder tractors now spanning 150hp to 210hp.

Tractor manufacturers can make life a little bit difficult for those less than familiar with a given model line-up. As we outlined in our used buying article on the 7600 series (profi 05/2016), Massey Ferguson had essentially moved its ‘mid-range’ six-cylinder tractors into one series and, like some of its competitors, the 7600 range included both ‘short’ 2.88m and ‘long’ 3.0m wheelbase models powered by 6.6 litre or 7.4 litre engines.

This confusing mix was carried over to the nine model 7700 range, simplification arriving with the four-model 155hp to 190hp 7700S series. These are all 2.88m wheelbase, 6.6 litre tractors and it is the models in this category we consider here. To avoid tripping up when considering a used buy, it is worth noting that the 185hp, 6.6-litre 7719 has a 3.0m wheelbase, the later 190hp 7719S being the shorter 2.88m.

Power outputs among the 7700 to 7S have also altered. The current 6.6 litre 7S.210 is rated at 210hp, this matching the maximum boosted output of the 7719S and 7S.190. In line with the steady evolution theme hinted at in the title of the article, the 7600 series set the template for the 7700, 7700S and 7S models. Apart from the different model offerings and cosmetic changes, a key marker between these tractors is that the 7600 series meet Stage IIIB emission standards, the 2016-2018 7700 series meeting Stage IV with the late 2018-2021 7700S moving to Stage V power units. The
current 7S series launched for 2021 also meet Stage V with tweaks to boost power (see power output table).

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