TRACTOR TEST: Yup, you’d be right in thinking we’ve already tested an 8S. In fact, it was 12 months ago, though the model featured back then was the 265 Dyna-7 semi-powershift. And we liked it. What we now have here is the stepless flagship in the range, the 8S.305 with the Dyna-VT box. So, is this tractor just as good? Read on to find out more.

When Massey took the wraps off its 8S range at the back-end of 2020, it made a point that a bigger model with a CVT was on the way; it just needed a little longer in the oven. And when we tested the 8S.265 with the Dyna-7 powershift box, we thought it was neat, especially that massive cab with panoramic visibility. Yet there was just this inkling that the stepless transmission might be that little bit better, so here we are with the 8S.305 Dyna-VT.

No boost, 305hp all day long
Without further ado let’s have a peak under the bonnet. To get that open, you’re going to need an 8mm Allen key; thankfully there is one attached to the ignition key, but talk about making life unnecessarily complicated — other brands go with a simpler push latch that can be prodded with a screwdriver.

Massey comments that it’s just working with and complying with the Mother Regulations introduced a few years ago The same applied to cleaning the numerous, bolted-in-place radiators that cool down the 7.4-litre, six-cylinder AgcoPower motor, which is more complicated than easy. To make up for this, there will be a Hägele reversible fan as a factory-fit option in the near future. This will be money well spent in our view, not just for keeping the air flowing but it has also been shown to improve overall efficiency (see profi 7/2021).

Unlike the powershift transmission, MF’s continuously variable transmission can tolerate the maximum engine output of 225kW/305hp, even when rolling up its sleeves and cracking on with heavy draft work. Hence the two top models, the 8S.285 and 8S.305, which were added to the range two years ago, only come with a Dyna-VT transmission.

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