Mercedes-Benz Unimog: Wrong for many, right for some

The Unimog started life as a farm-oriented alternative to a tractor in the late 1940s and 50s, but these versatile vehicles never challenged a conventional tractor for all-round farm work. The Unimog does, however, offer key plus points that have never gone away and as farm businesses need to diversify, a used Unimog could be a tool that can help your business broaden its horizons.

by James de Havilland

22 Jul 2022

Mercedes-Benz in a way confirmed that a Unimog was never a farm tractor alternative by launching its MB Trac way back in 1973. Although broadly sharing engine and transmissions with the then current ‘light’ Unimog 406 and 416, the non-suspended rear axle and central cab of the MB Trac proved more suitable for general in-field duties than a fully suspended standard Unimog with its truck style cab.