USED MACHINERY: John Deere launched its 6R tractor series back in 2011, this mixed chassis size line up including the 150hp mid-frame six-cylinder 6150R that reached the UK in late spring 2012. In 2014, this was replaced by the 155hp 6155R which in turn changed to the
current 6R155 for the 2022 model year. Like its 6M lower specification 6155M siblings, the mid-frame 150-170hp 6R models have sold exceptionally well with plenty of mainly 6155R tractors on the used market.

Although understood by those in the know, it is worth recalling that John Deere splits its 6R tractor series into small, mid, large and extra-large
frame models, with the mid-frame, 2.76m wheelbase 6R considered here (see profi 05/15 and 01/22 for the larger 6R models).

Powered by 6.8 litre PowerTech six-cylinder engines, the current 6R145 (max 160hp/boosted 195hp) 6R155 (171/203hp) and, from late 2021, 6R165 (182/213hp) and 6R185 (204/234hp), are piggies in the middle of what is now a 14 model strong John Deere 6R family, with the two newer more powerful variants offering enhanced power to weight ratios.

Taking a sideways look, the current 4.5-litre four-cylinder 2.58m wheelbase 6R140 (154/166hp) and 6R150 (165/177hp) and 2.80m wheelbase ‘large-frame’ 6R175 (193/223hp) and 6R195 (215/244hp) broadly bookend the mid frame models considered here. In the simplest of terms, this choice will cater for those seeking a lighter or heavier tractor in a broadly similar power bracket. A degree of in-house mid-frame 6R competition comes from the 6M series, the current 6155M six-cylinder having a similar nominal output of 172hp offered by the 6R155 but not the 203hp maximum of the latter with its IPM power boost system. More about the detailed differences are on page 51 under ‘What about
the 6M?’.

As a used buy, the popular 6155R is the most likely used find, the small premium it carried over its 6145R sibling making the latter less common, but still popular. The 6R185 launched in late 2021 carries a premium of around £10K over an equivalent 6R155 and in some regions of the UK the 6R185 has ‘poached’ around half the sales that would have been expected to go in the direction of a 6R155. Expect these 185 models to become more widely available as a used buy over the next few of years. At present, both the 6R155 and 6R185 are too new to be readily available used.

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