New Holland T7 SWB tractors: The shorter of the two

New Holland T7short wheelbase tractors took over from the higher powered T6000 series in 2011, with four Stage IIIB compliant models spanning 125hp to 165hp or 171 to 212hp with power boost. The higher outputs also provided the model numbers, T7.170, T7.185, T7.200 and T7.210. Fresh styling and some model tweaks followed when Stage IV engines arrived in 2016 (plus the more powerful 180 /255hp T7.225), Stage V models landing in 2021. Over a decade on, T7 SWB models are now a popular used buy, with decent choice to suit varied budgets.

by James de Havilland

5 Jul 2022

A 2011 Range Command T7.210 SWB T7 Stage IIIB tractor with around 8,000hrs on the clock can possibly be priced from around £25,000 for a private sale, with non-franchised dealers perhaps offering similar examples at nearer £35K. Lower hour and later Stage IIIB examples can breach £50K if in really good order. Move to a 2016 Stage IV tractor and prices for an entry spec 3,000-3,500-hour Range Command model on half worn tyres can command north of £56K.