REPORT: Kalverkamp surprised the ag machinery world towards the end of 2021 when it revealed the Nexat. The machine won an innovation award gold medal at the virtual edition of Agritechnica 2022, and was one of the show-stoppers at Agritechnica 2023. We caught up with two machines earlier this year to see them in action with their bespoke slurry injector and sprayer.

With a track width of over 14m and 1,100hp on tap, the Nexat (Next generation agricultural technology) is big. Clearly aimed at large arable farms, German company Kalverkamp which developed and makes it, views the wide-span CTF concept as the key to boost soil fertility, make the best use of
inputs, and maximise yields.

The first few production machines are running in Germany, Ukraine, North America and Brazil. Australia is also seen as the perfect market for it. Keen to see how the machine performs in the field and what it is like to operate, we spent time with not one, but two Nexats at the Barnstädt farm, near Leipzig in Germany.

The farm bought the first, a second generation vehicle, two years ago. This was later joined by the newest Gen 3 model. The
impressive duo do all the work on almost 2,000ha of arable land. Considering the makers claim that one vehicle should comfortably be able cover the same area, the two machines would appear to be underutilised. It is still early days, but the farm does plan on relying on a single machine in the future for all tasks, including cultivating, drilling, fertiliser spreading, spraying and harvesting.

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