WORKSHOP: French manufacturer EasyMass has developed a system designed to enable one person to add tractor rear wheel ballast quickly and safely. The system carries the SoEasy tag, so what does it entail?

Fitting and removing rear wheel weights is one of those jobs most will avoid. Hardly a surprise as handling heavy weights is seldom a one-person task.
Where the EasyMass system scores is in its potential to do the job single-handed, both when fitting and removing weights. The adapter stays on the wheel.

At the heart of the system is a 35kg weight adapter that is attached using the tractor’s existing wheel fasteners. Cone washers are available to suit wheels attached with studs. Once fitted, the adaptor remains in-situ, with no need to remove it if the weights are taken off.

As the adapter attaches to the wheel via six of the eight nuts or studs used to attach the wheel, there is no need to remove the wheel to fit the system (a ten-stud system is also available). A further plus is that using the tractor’s own fasteners and mounting points ensures the adapter is correctly centred on
the wheel. This should mean the added weights are correctly aligned and that they will not upset rear wheel balance.

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