TRACTOR TEST: Steyr prides itself on Austrian build quality, machines you can really rely on. Does this also apply to the 107kW/145hp, six-cylinder 6145 Profi?
Read our long-term test, which reviews how this three-year-old tractor has performed over 1,700 hours.

Ok, so you can’t buy a Steyr in the UK or Ireland (at least not officially), but you don’t need to squint very hard to see the similarities with the Case IH Maxxum or even the New Holland T6. It is a popular size of tractor and one of the best sellers for each of the three aforementioned company brands.

Our long-term test 6145 Profi arrived on farm at the start of 2020. It handles various arable operations including ploughing with a four-furrow Lemken Opal 160, and cultivating with a Heilers 6.0m wide spring tine harrow as well as a beefy 4.5m wide Lemken Rubin short disc harrow and an equally solidly built Amazone 3.0m Cenius tine cultivator. It is also fitted with an auto-steering system utilising the German Sapos correction signal. The Steyr does all of the sowing with a 3.0m Kverneland power harrow drill combination. Once crop establishment is taken care of, it takes over the slurry transport and spreading jobs before it’s booted with narrower wheels for liquid fertiliser and spraying applications with a Horsch 4AX trailed sprayer on 27m tramlines. The season is finished off with round baling pulling a New Holland Roll Belt 180 and carting grain.

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