UK tractor market share 1996-2020: Chart stoppers

So, how has the UK tractor market changed over the past quarter of a century? Well clearly the design of the tractors themselves has undergone a huge transformation, and, along with that, so has the driver experience. But what about the product sales figures? Were today's market leaders also the dominant players back in the mid 1990s? Not exactly

by Peter Leech

31 May 2021

The market for agricultural tractors sold into the UK market has long been used as an accurate barometer of the financial strength of the farming industry and, by consequence, how well the agricultural machinery trade of manufacturers and dealers are also faring. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the tractor is the one piece of machinery that farmers can put off purchasing for a year or two when times are tough, or can be brought forward if cash flow requires some extra money to be invested. Secondly, tractors represent the single largest investment in terms of value and numbers within the industry. For example: the current UK tractor market has an annual value of circa £850,000,000.