Valtra G135: All G-ed up and ready to go

Light in weight and packing power, the four-model G series shares a common platform with others in the AGCO stable. So, have the Finns been able to place their own stamp on the product? We've been testing Valtra's range-topping G, the 99kW/135hp G135

by Hubert Wilmer

13 Feb 2022

The G series is a fine example of the advantages of being part of a larger collective. Launched at the end of 2020, the relatively new addition to the Valtra line-up shares an AGCO platform with the Massey 5S — good company to be associated with. For Valtra, the 105-135hp G series pops in between the small A series (75-135hp) and the larger and heavier N series models (135-165hp).