Valtra N Series: Compact fours offer plenty of choice

If you are after a 90-185hp four-cylinder tractor, a used Valtra ‘N’ could well be worth a look. First launched back in 2005, these models have recently entered their fifth (N5) generation, and this, plus a wide specification choice, makes navigating the used Valtra N market appear complex. The flip side is broad choice can mean there is a good chance you can find a tractor with the spec you need. The trick is to know what is on offer.

by James de Havilland

24 Oct 2021

If you are an existing Valtra user you will have something of a head start when it comes to deciphering what the four-cylinder ‘N’ series has to offer. You will also appreciate that just because a given series was launched at a certain time it does not mean this is the date when a given series became available in the UK. The N4 series, for example, was launched back in late 2015 but it was not until later in 2016 that these models started to reach UK customers.