DRIVING IMPRESSION: Valtra’s flagship tractor family is now entering its sixth generation with more power, in the shape of the S416. Yet this new range is about much more than just extra oomph for the proud Finns. We work through the highlights.

Valtra is making its sixth generation range topper, the S6, ‘more Valtra’. Although it will continue to share its underpinnings with Massey’s equally
new 9S, the six-model tractor range will once again be built at Suolahti in Finland rather than rolling out the door at Beauvais.

The engine, transmission, axles, linkage and hydraulics are part of this common platform, but the more in-your-face elements such as styling, user interfaces and controls, including the multifunction sticks, are brand-specific.

420hp range topper
When you first see the new S-series, the initial thing you notice is that it doesn’t look like a tractor packing over 400hp. It just appears to be a slightly beefier version of the Q-series, no doubt in part down to the fact that it dons the same four-pillar cab from the 230-305hp range introduced in late-2022.

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