Valtra T254 Versu SmartTouch: Finnish fine-tuning

The T4 tractor line has been a quantum leap forwards for Valtra, and here we’re not solely talking about the much improved styling. Our test focuses on the range’s powershift flagship, the T254 Versu model

by Hubert Wilmer

14 Jan 2020

After years of logic, Valtra has had a wobble with its model numbering ... or at least it has with the T254, the subject of our October issue’s tractor test. Brochure stats reveal this model has a rated power of 155kW/211hp, rising to a maximum unboosted output of 173kW/235hp, which is still short of the bonnet number. Only when the boost kicks in does the T254 knuckle down to push out a whopping 99kW/271hp.