Whatever happened to... the Mali Li-Trac 300

When Schlüter vacated the tractor scene, Markus Liebherr aimed to fill the void ... and by 1997 the very first Mali Li-Trac was being demonstrated. Fast forward 10 years. The project was still in development, but it had gained more power as well as an in-house CVT to create the Li-Trac 300

13 Jul 2020

The demise of Schlüter back in 1993 motivated Markus Liebherr, who was one of the five children of Hans Liebherr, who founded the construction machinery group, to found his own business, the Mali company the following year — to fill the gap left by the Bavarian tractor maker. Based at Eberhardzell in Baden-Württemberg, Mr Liebherr planned to develop a highcapacity tractor; he even documented his claim and connection to Schlüter, featuring the same bear in his new company logo.