Michelin MachXBib versus EvoBib: What can the EvoBib do better?

Michelin says the new EvoBib is a universal tyre for road and field work. Tests in Finland compare the performance of the new hybrid rubber with the more familiar MachXBib ... to see if it warrants the extra investment

by Hubert Wilmer/Mervyn Bailey

31 Aug 2020

The Micheln EvoBib is about 40% more expensive than the firm's comparable standard MachXBib tyre. As a hybrid tyre it should be optimally suited for both field and road. To find out if this is the case, our colleagues at the Dutch magazine Trekker, along with a number of European publications, decided to investigate by pittingthe Michelin EvoBib against the MachXBib. The differences are explained within the panel ‘The test candidates’.