Tracks vs Tyres: Different boots, same game

The age-old debate of tracks versus tyres has been simmering away for decades, and recent introductions of new configurations all claim to provide the best solution. Advanced tyre technology combined with a central tyre inflation system offers greater versatility that only the humble wheeled tractor can provide, but how does it compare against the latest track-based concepts? We visited two farms running very different high-horsepower tractors, a Fendt 939 Vario and John Deere 8RX410, to see how they’re preforming and their role in the respective businesses.

by Chris Lockwood

22 Jul 2022

Cheveley Park Farms consists of multiple units spread from Cambridgeshire through to mid-Norfolk growing a wide variety of crops across a range of soil types. The Fendt 939 Vario we’re looking at is based at company’s Lower Farm, Narborough, Norfolk, where the surrounding area consists of sandy Breckland and chalky loam. An agreement with a large potato grower to carry out cultivations and planting sees the operating area extended even further afield.