Ford Raptor vs Isuzu Arctic Truck AT35: Tonka time

Two mainstream manufacturers now sell pumped doublecabs in the UK. Do these pimped pickups make sense for farming? Ford’s Raptor takes on the Isuzu Arctic Trucks AT35

by topliner

30 Apr 2020

Yeehaw! Something of the Redneck about y’all? If it’s ‘yessiree, Bob’, then one of these two incredible hulks could be just your ticket. Flared arches, chunky rubber and a lofty stance with side steps that, for once, are a prerequisite to cabin access rather than purely cosmetic, this pair are not for shrinking violets. You need to want to be gawped at … and we guarantee you will be, though not necessarily with envy, as the striking appearances of these two flagship trucks are sure to divide opinion like no others. The stuff of dreams or nightmares? Take your pick.