Mazda CX-5 vs Volvo XC40: Going soft

Most people sensibly run a more or less scruffy pick-up or 4x4 for work. But what about smarter transport? Something for family life, with five unchewed seats, straight panels, enough traction to see you through a bit of mud and enough power to pull a modest load? If that sounds about right, then the small SUV marketplace opens up. Here you’re spoiled for choice and price spread. Typical of the upper echelon are the pair we’ve culled for comparison; costing around £35,000 and high on primary safety, both are bang up to date in terms of their overall efficiency, design and kit.

by topliner

17 Sep 2019

Thumping great 4x4s with a shedload of ground clearance aren’t always the right tool for the job. So for this month’s comparison we step into the more genteel world of the soft-roader ...