Lube Pro Plus grease nipple coupler: Screw on and grease up

Usually the jaws of self-retaining grease nipple couplers are secured with a clip. The Lube Pro Plus is slightly different as threads are used to clamp the jaws. We tried it out to see if this approach makes it better

by Alexander Bertling

9 Mar 2022

We ordered the Lube Pro Plus grease gun end directly from the firm’s website (lubeproplus. com) for €49.65 including VAT. The coupler is supplied with a 30cm long, 10mm diameter hose with fine threads on both ends and should fit most grease guns. There is also a fitting to attach the new hose to the existing gun hose if you want to make it longer. Also in the bag are three replacement grease nipples with different thread sizes – it is always good to have a few spares.