Stihl MS271 with Light 04 bar and RM3 Pro chain: What difference does a bar make?

Stihl now offers its popular MS271 chainsaw with the company’s latest Light 04 bar and RM3 Pro chain. Replacing the Rollomatic bar and Oilomatic .325RM chain combination, which still come standard on the MS291 and MS391, the new Light 04 bar combo is lighter and should help make the saw more productive too. Sounds good, but how will the new set up work in practice?

by James de Havilland

3 Aug 2021

Weighing in at 5.6kg on its own and without a bar and fluids, the 2.6kW/3.5bhp Stihl MS271 is a 50cc saw has long ticked all the boxes to make it a decent all-round farm saw choice. Now with the latest Light 04 guide bar, the established MS271 power head remains unchanged, but Stihl claim that by combining it with its new Light 04 bar and RM3 chain, performance is increased by up to 20% when compared to the established Rollomatic bar alternative.