Both the BGS Twister Gun and Tornador Classic Z-010 are air-operated wet cleaning guns that offer some additional power for freshening up cab upholstery, seats and grubby plastics. We find out what these guns are like to use.

Both of these featured cleaning guns are sold on Amazon’s site for about £120 (Tornador) and £135 (BGS) including VAT, and by other retailers. Both have a plastic tank, which holds about one litre. From here, the two guns suck the water or cleaning agent and atomise it with a rotating nozzle at the front of the gun. As the name suggests, the Tornador unit creates a suction/tornado effect by rotating its plastic hose, which is intended to suck the dirt and grime from the material being cleaned. In contrast, the cleaning gun from BGS has a rotating metal tube that is slightly angled with a plastic hose inside. When compared to the Tornador, the rpm are higher and the spray is more cone-shaped. It also seems a more solid overall design.

The jet of the Tornador gun, on the other hand, resembles that of a ‘turbo nozzle’ or ‘dirt blaster’ on a pressure washer. The hoses on both guns have suction balls. These make it possible to operate the gun overhead — for example, cleaning cab lining — because the end of the hose is immersed in water or detergent. On both guns, the amount of water used on the job can be varied by means of a tap. Overall, the pistols are neatly finished and fall easily to hand. Tornador now offers the Classic Z-010RS, a slightly revised version. This is reckoned to have an adapted handle, an articulated nipple for the air hose and a pressure regulation valve.

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