The Greenkeeper is different to many other grass harrows in that its tines are mounted within a frame, similar to what you would associate with a chain harrow. We have been busy testing the G-06 Plus to see how it performs.

Zocon is an acronym for Zonderland Constructie, named after founder and boss Jochem Zonderland. Initially in 2006, he started importing machines from Eastern Europe and selling these simple pasture harrows throughout the Benelux. However, the young Dutchman wasn’t happy with the build quality, so in 2012 Zocon began making its own products such as the featured Greenkeeper, which comes in 3.0, 6.0m and 8.0m widths.

Gauge wheels and runners

The G-06 Greenkeeper has a working width of 6.0m and folds hydraulically for transport. The headstock gets a Cat II spacing for the lower links, while our ‘Plus’ was equipped with optional gauge wheels and Zocon’s seeder unit, which pushed the overall weight up to 1,060kg with an empty hopper.

Solid, simple construction

The Greenkeeper is a pretty simple set-up. Three rows of tines are fitted into a frame where you would normally find a cast iron mat on a chain harrow. On the Plus version, the rear bar of the frame is raised off the ground to allow raked grass and moss to move through the machine more freely. On the standard Greenkeeper, the frame is lighter and the rear bar is in contact with the ground. It also lacks the support wheels at the rear, though these were on our test machine.

The support wheels — four in front of the front levelling bar, two at the harrow’s rear — are helpful in damp conditions.

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