Kid gloves handling for wrapped bales

Machine automation has done much to simplify complex, multi-stage field operations. When it comes to self-loading bale trailers, for example, few can match the innovation required to grab, lift, twist, position and push bales in place, in a bid to speed the process of field clearance without the need for a telehandler. Or, for that matter, an extra member of staff. While the process is straightforward enough with square straw bales, there needs to be a little more finesse applied when handling wrapped round bales. Enter Canadian machinery maker GRP Anderson and its RBM2000 Pro self-loading, wrapped round bale chaser. Introduced late last year, this latest model features clever software and advanced hydraulics to provide a seamless loading process with the help of 18 sensors

by topliner

8 Jul 2019

Getting wrapped round bales from field to store without incurring damage has become a lot easier following the introduction of the Anderson RBM2000 Pro self-loading bale trailer