USED MACHINERY: Designed to fit combine headers, Techneat’s Autocast applicators were launched in 1996, offering the ability to distribute OSR, stubble turnips, mustard and other small seeds into the stubble. The range of models on offer subsequently increased to include Avacast cultivator and Outcast sprayer mounted units. All variants are simple and robust, with even the earliest Autocast units still able to ‘do the job’. This is not to suggest, however, that all variants will make a sound used buy.

Techneat applicators have seen numerous developments over the years, rebranding early in 2023 seeing previous Autocast, Terracast
and Avacast, and subsequent V2 variants, now adopting the Multicast name. This reflects the ability of the current ‘air seeder’ models to apply all types of small seed, such as grass and cover crops, a metering cartridge change enabling them to also apply Avadex granules.

As with other types of equipment that has been available for several years, it can become a bit complicated when trying to outline key changes and developments. To help, the model timeline on page 58 gives a broad overview of the models on offer and how they have evolved.

The brief outline that follows will add a bit more detail but the key point to bear in mind is the cost of these applicators is low in relation to the seed or dressing applied. Accurate and even application rates are possible with the earliest units but if you want to exploit variable rate application and more advanced control you will typically need to consider a post 2007 model and seek advice about possible upgrades.