Claas Arion tractors: Look at the numbers

Claas divides its Arion tractor series into three: the smaller four-cylinder 400 models broadly cover rated power outputs of 90 to 140hp; the midsize four-pot 500 models deliver between 145 and 165hp; and the larger six-cylinder 600 models develop around 158 to 184hp. Despite the 400, 500 and 600 series tractors sharing the same family name, they differ not just in model number but within each range too. There's a lot to consider, then, when looking at a pre-owned buy.

by topliner

19 Sep 2019

We last took a look at the Claas Arion as a used buy six years ago (profi 9/13), concentrating on the sixcylinder 600 models. Here we turn our attention to the second generation 600 alongside the 400 and 500 models. These tractors were first launched in around 2013, depending on range, and are now appearing in decent numbers on the pre-owned market