Powerful four-cylinders are in great demand: agile for working with the front loader, but also strong enough to handle the heavy 3m drill combination. Even John Deere could not escape this trend and has presented the two “small” 6R140 and 6R150 with a wheelbase of 2.58 m and four cylinders under the hood.

Check out the profi video tractor test for John Deere 6R150 (make sure you click on the closed caption – CC – button below for the English translation)…

“At the back of the linkage, it easily supports the new Versa drill from Horsch,” says profi’s Hubert Wilmer. “[and] the little rascal can handle this combination quite well.

“With the 6R at nominal speed, without boost, exactly 88.8kW of the 110kW engine power arrives at the rear of the stub,” he continues. “It gets a little better with the maximum power, which is reached at 1700rpm. Of the 121kW in the brochure, it is at least 103.3kW at the PTO.”

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