Belgian company AVR has added another Spirit potato harvester to the range – the two-row trailed offset 5200. Slotting in above the current one-row Spirit 6100 (6t bunker) and below the two-row Spirit 6200 (6t bunker) and Spirit 9200 (8t bunker) models, the newcomer is described as a simple but efficient value-for-money harvester.

The driveline has been kept deliberately uncomplicated, and the sieving and pintle webs are mechanically driven. The first sieving process is performed by a long digger web, and the haulm web eliminates the requirement for a dedicated haulm topper. The picking table provides space for four people, and the discharge elevator from the 6.0t bunker reaches to a height of 4.0m.

While designed for the export market, the company says the harvester meets all the requirements for use throughout Europe, and features hydraulic level setting and automatic row tracking as standard. Suitable for 75 and 90cm row widths, the 5200’s physical dimensions (length x width x height) are 10.4m x 3.3m x 3.8m respectively.

Shod with 650/65R30.5 radials, offset harvesting means that the tractor can continue to run on its standard rubber, which further helps to reduce ground pressure. Recommended tractor power for the 8.5t harvester is around 90hp. On display at Agritechnica next month, a limited number of machines will be available next season.