Czech manufacturer Bednar has added a 14.4m model to the Swifterdisc XE Mega range. The newcomer joins the 18.4m machine which recently set a new cultivation record.

Like the flagship 18.4m model and 16.4m version, the Swifterdisc XE 14400 Mega, which is designed for 500-550hphp tractors, is available with two types of discs; the standard 520mm version or 560mm-diamter specially shaped ones with a more aggressive cutting effect.

The 520/50 R17 front support wheels increase stability and maintain the set working depth. Transport width and height is 3.0m and 4.0m respectively, and all Swifterdiscs can now be equipped with Endurance discs from French manufacturer Forges de Niaux. The high strength in the working area of these discs is said to increase the service life.

The 14.4m Swifterdisc is one of 10 new cultivators Bednar will show at Agritechnica. These include the 10.4m Atlas AE 10400 Profi stubble cultivator. Joining the existing 12.4m model, the large 620mm-diameter discs on both are said to make quick work in fields containing large quantities of crop residue.

Atlas AE 10400 Profi stubble cultivator. Working width is 10.4m.

The 10.4m machine can be equipped with hydraulic depth control. Load-sensing electric-hydraulic depth control is optional. Other options includes hydraulically adjustable levelling  bar in front of the packers. The single-axle cultivator turns on the support wheels and rear packers on headlands. Only the disc section is lifted.

There is also a new range of universal semi-mounted cultivators. Called the Versatill VO-L, working widths are 5.8 and 7.5m. Suitable for tackling shallow stubbles, the five-row cultivator has a high frame clearance and tine spacing of 17cm. A range of Hercules tines for light or heavy work are available.

Universal semi-mounted Versatill VO-L cultivator.

Optional equipment includes a trash cutting roller, hydraulically adjustable Crushbar levelling bar in front of the machine for seedbed cultivation and a number of rear mounted packers.

The Czech manufacturer has also developed a new generation of Fenix FN mounted cultivators. Designed for deep soil working, they combine a rigid frame design with the non-stop horizontal spring protection from the Fenix FO-Profi semi-mounted cultivators.

Fenix FN mounted cultivator.

Initially available in working widths of 3.0 and 3.5m (4.0 and 5.0m models in the pipeline) the three rows of tines are spaced at 31cm (distance in the row is 93cm). Bednar reckons that this arrangement results in the optimum soil and residue loosening and mixing effect and standard equipment includes hydraulic depth control.

The tines have spring overload non-stop protection. The maximum release force is 480kg and maximum lift height of 22cm in the event of a tine striking an obstacle. The Fenix FN is available with a variety of rear packers with a diameter of 370, 470 and 630mm.

The Galaxy GE range of universal trailed packers are another new addition to the Bednar portfolio. Designed for seedbed cultivation, rolling the field after drilling, or as a grassland aerator, working widths are 6.3 and 8.3m.

Packers are available with a diameter of 500 and 530mm. Options include storage boxes for collecting stones, hydraulically controlled track eradicators, hydraulic air brakes and the Alfa 800 seeding unit. The standard 500/50-17 boots are said to provide good stability during transport.

Cultivation record for John Deere and Bednar – Profi

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