The reworked cab on the latest version of Dieci’s Agri Pivot T80 articulated handler provides more legroom. The instrument panel is also new as are the 7” display and armrest mounted joystick.

The brand’s first electric telehandler enjoyed most of the attention on the Dieci stand at last November’s Agritechnica; a machine that is unlikely to come to the UK until next year.

The Agri Pivot T80 will arrive much sooner, and Dorset based Dieci Telehandlers expects the first machines sometime Q3, 2024. Sitting above the existing Italian built T60 and T70, the T80 was also previewed at the German show (See link).

With a rate output of 138hp, the Stage V FPT 4.4l block in the top model reaches a peak power of 153hp. Mated to the new VS Evo2 (electronically controlled hydrostatic) transmission, the dual hydraulic pump box provides four work modes and increased pushing and pulling power.

The top speed remains at 40km/hr, but the Eco function lowers fuel consumption and noise levels, and the creeper mode allows forward speed to be adjusted using the accelerator pedal while maintaining a constant engine speed and oil flow rate.

Accessible from both sides via two 180-degree opening doors, the quieter cab conceals an improved air conditioning system, and the elevated operator’s seat and large glazing area is said to provide the operator with 360° visibility even with the boom raised.

All main controls, including travel direction and boom, are controlled by the new joystick. Preset controls allow specific boom movements, such as shaking the bucket or memorising the position of the boom, to be achieved with a single click. Travel speed is automatically restricted when the boom is raised.

Maximum lift capacity of the 8.2t machine is 3.5t, (T60 2.2t and T70 3.0t), and maximum lift height of 5.2m is the same as the T70. Hydraulic pump capacity is 160l/min. The standard bucket size is 1.2m³. Other sizes, and a range of wheel loader and telehandler accessories, are available.

Dieci shows latest Agri Pivot, electric handler and more…… – Profi

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