The Italian manufacturer’s first electric telehandler was a highlight on Dieci’s Agritechnica stand. There were a couple of new diesel machines and a 50km/hr transmission.

New diesel-powered handlers included the Stage V version of the revamped T80 Agri Pivot articulated handler. On show for the first time, main updates include the new cab and internals, such as a new screen and dials and armrest mounted joystick. These are also included in the new Stage V T70.

Replacing the 140hp Stage IV block in the previous model, the new 153hp Stage V motor in the T80 is mated to the equally new VS Evo2 tranny. The top speed remains at 40km/hr, but the dual hydraulic pump box provides four work modes and increased pushing and pulling power. Managing director Henry Nash of Dorset based Dieci Telehandlers Ltd does not expect to be able to bring one of the new models to the UK until 2025.

Also on the stand was the PowerX2, the first 50km/hr transmission from Dieci. Previewed at EuroTier one year ago, the new box, which is heading to the three-model Agri Max range, is said to offer CVT performance on a telehandler. Now in production, the first machines are expected to cross the North Sea within the next six months.

Electric telehandler

Based on a 26.6 Mini Agri, the electric handler was off for testing as soon as the show ended, and we are informed that it could enter production sometime in the second half of next year.

Mr Nash hopes to have a test model across mid-2024. “The demand for an electric telehandler is increasingly growing in the UK, and the Mini Agri E 26.6 could be an interesting option for farms looking for an alternative fuelling system,” he said.

There are no immediate plans to start producing the Hybrid Boost System, where the Agri Farmer’s standard 107hp engine is swapped for a 55kW Kubota hybrid block paired to a 10kW electric generator. Some of the technical details of both the electric and Hybrid Boost machines are included in this link:

First electric Dieci telehandler at Agritechnica – Profi

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