Krone and Lemken have added a front linkage/PTO to the jointly developed autonomous vehicle.

The two partners say that the front linkage significantly increases functionality and efficiency on grass- and arable land. Krone has already tested it with the EasyCut F 320 front mounted mower and rear butterfly EasyCut B 950 Collect and Lemken confirms that the additional linkage is useful for stubble cultivation and drilling where rollers and front hoppers can now be fitted.

The first public outing of the autonomous vehicle was at last November’s Agritechnica where both companies were keen to talk about the drawbar system that allows the autonomous unit to be towed behind a tractor on the road. Dubbed Vehicle Transport System (VTS), this can also be used when the concept tractor is fitted with front-mounted implements.

There is no change to the power (230hp/170kW) and 4ws system, but the diesel-electric drive has been improved. Something else that has changed since the German show is the paintwork with Lemken blue and Krone green ditched for platinum grey.

The two partners unveiled the joint Combined Powers project in 2022, and after two years of prototype testing, the burning question now is when will the autonomous vehicle be available to buy? Not yet, is the message, but the two companies plan to bring it to the market as quickly as possible. In the meantime, the testing continues on farms in Germany and neighbouring European countries.

Krone/Lemken autonomous vehicle transport solution – Profi

Krone and Lemken test autonomous concept – Profi

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