It has taken a surprisingly long time for the news to reach us, but earlier this year Czech tyre maker Mitas teamed up with Russian agricultural equipment company Rostselmash with an initiative aimed to raise awareness of the ecosystem of Lake Baikal in Russia. In collaboration with National Geographic magazine, a photo and video session was held at the frozen lake with a Versatile 2375 tractor and a Rostselmash Acros 595 Plus combine harvester. The 5.5m wide Versatile was shod with AC85 duals (520/85R42). In March, when the project took place, the ice was about a metre thick, and easily able to support the weight of the 11.6t vehicler. With temperatures dropping to a bitterly cold -25C, Mitas wanted to demonstrate that its tyres can work reliably and efficiently in all conditions – even extreme ones.