Evers is the latest company to develop a bespoke machine for the Nexat self-propelled gantry. The Dutch slurry specialist has fitted the CTF vehicle with a specially-made Agro Toric NX 1400 injector.

With a working width of 14m, this is the widest Toric so far from Evers. Described as a high-output CTF system for large fields, the disc injector is supplied with slurry from a 32m³ tank made by German manufacturer Wienhoff.

As well as covering large areas ahead of drilling, the 51cm-diameter discs on the Toric (maximum depth 12cm), also allow it to apply slurry while incorporating cover crops. The 14m machine has a hydraulic self-levelling system.

The Nexat (Next generation agricultural technology) was developed by German company Kalverkamp. The diesel-electric vehicle is powered by two 550hp Liebherr diesels mated to generators. These supply electricity to power the four rubber wheels or tracks.

Other manufacturers that have developed machines for the Nexat include Dammann (sprayers), Geringhoff (combine headers) and Väderstad (cultivators, drills and planters).

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