The milestone combine harvester recently driven off the Rostselmash assembly line comes a few months ahead of the 15th anniversary of the five-walker range which first went into production in May 2007.

We are sure there have been many highlights along the way, but Rostselmash has highlighted three. The first was at the public launch of the new range at the Russian Field Day in June 2007, when president Vladimir Putin said, ‘combines are as important for Russia as missiles.’

The second was in January 2014 when an Acros took part in the Sochi winter Olympic games torch relay through Rostov-on-Don, and in 2017, Rostselmash teamed up with Mitas and National Geographic magazine to photograph an Acros combine and RSM tractor on the frozen Lake Baikal to raise awareness of the ecosystem.

Today, the Russian-made range, which is available with YaMZ and Cummins blocks (280hp-327hp) is the company’s most popular combine. The three models, 550/585 and 595 Plus, are available in a total of 30 different variants. The maximum header width is 9.0m. Grain tank capacity is 9,000 litres.

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