The Opti-Sensor is still at the testing stage but together with component supplier Photon Lines and part financed by the Brittany Region and the FEDER, over 500 organic manures (bovine, swine and poultry) have been entered into the database in the last four years.

Arnaud Jaouen of Pichon points out that they initially hoped to use the information to vary the application rate relative to the desired amounts of nitrogen, dry matter or P and K and other traits which are measured using the spectrometer. But initial tests showed that manures are often homogeneous, however as farmers, particularly in France and more so in the Netherlands are having to prove how much of each nutrient they are applying, this is where the technology will fit into the system.

Testing will continue in 2023 but the unit was on show at SIMA. The sensor is located at the rear of the machine ahead of the beater, with the grey box housing the electronics with the on-board data.