It is 60 years since the tractor factory opened in Basildon, and to mark the occasion New Holland has made a special edition version of the T7.300. Only one unit will be produced. It will be on display at exhibitions throughout the rest of this year.

Continuing a tradition that began with the Silver Jubilee 7810 in 1989 and the Golden Jubilee T6.180 and T7.270 tractors in 2014, the graphics on the T7.300 were created by CNH Centro Stile.

The livery is inspired by the colours and patterns of ‘Swinging 60s’ London, with psychedelic shapes characterized by vivid and fluid colours of blue, yellow, maroon and pink around the New Holland logo on the hood.

The Basildon plant was developed on a greenfield site in the early 1960s by Ford, whose tractor and farm equipment business was later purchased by Fiat. Seeking to modernise the production processes possible at its existing car and tractor plant at nearby Dagenham, the company was encouraged to develop a dedicated tractor facility on a 40ha site in the new town of Basildon.

Work began on April 2, 1960. Completed on February 29, 1964, the opening of the factory coincided with the launch of the 37-65hp Ford 6X tractor series. Other tractors produced since include the 7A1 ‘600 series’ tractors in 1975, from the 2600 to the 7600, and the similar ‘7A2’ versions with the new quiet ‘Q cab’ the following year.

In 1981, these tractors were updated to Series 10 specification, with later Force II (1986) and Generation III (1989) evolutions. Late 1991 saw the launch of the 40 series, a range that would later be sold with new branding when Fiat purchased the Ford New Holland agricultural equipment business that year and adopted New Holland as its brand for the future.

Subsequently the plant produced New Holland TS, TM, T6000 and T7000 tractor lines, and today manufactures the T6 and T7 ranges, spanning 125-300hp.

“As the only volume tractor producer in the UK, we are very proud of our workforce here, with their skills, dedication and commitment,” said New Holland brand president Carlo Lambro. “It’s a milestone for the whole company and for everyone who works or has worked in the plant.”

New Holland celebrates 60 years in Basildon – Profi

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