Väderstad has wasted no time in adding inter-row cultivators to the product portfolio following the acquisition of the Thyregod hoe business. The first machines will be available from summer 2024.

Mechanical hoe sales in Europe have reportedly doubled the past year from around 2,200 units in 2022 to roughly 4,400 units this year. Väderstad is looking to secure some of these growing numbers with the Extract.

Still made by Thyregod, the two initial models, the trailed Extract L 16-48 and mounted Extract V 8-36, are basically the result of changing the colour of the former TRV (3.0m to 9.0m) and TRV Swingking (12m and 18m) to red, yellow, and black. We are told to expect more innovation in the future.

Described as a perfect match for the company’s Tempo and Proceed, depending on model, both Extract L and Extract V will be available with row spacing of 22.5, 25, 45, 50 and 75cm. Main features include the high frame clearance of 85cm. Options include camera steering and section control.

“It is a new product segment for us at Väderstad, and one that we see a big potential for in the market,” says Mattias Hovnert, senior vice president sales and marketing at Väderstad.

The new range will be available for inspection at Agritechnica in November.

Väderstad buys Thyregod hoe business – Profi

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