Feedback from LB434 large square baler users is for heavier, denser bales, which, says Case IH, is just what they get with the new LB434XL. The 80cm longer and beefed up bale chamber (almost a third longer than the LB434) not only delivers up to 10% higher bale densities, but also ensures gentler bale drop with less twine breakage. The ISOBUS Class 3-enabled Feedrate Control technology is also new and allows the baler to run at optimal performance and capacity by controlling the speed of the tractor. Feedrate Control includes two running operations – Charge Control and Slice Control. Charge Control automatically adjusts the tractor’s speed for optimum baler capacity, which says Case IH, results in a higher throughput of up to 9%. Slice Control automatically adjusts the tractor’s speed based on bale slice thickness. This allows the operator to predetermine the number of slices per bale to create more consistent bale weight and length. Other LB434XL features include increased pickup auger thickness, stronger axle and bearing options, a heavier-duty plunger, and a beefed-up PTO driveline, which handles 40% more peak torque. Folding safety railings simplify road transport, and there is improved access to the front of the knotter fans. The colour-coded decals for the hydraulic lines to simplify tractor hook-up are also new, as are the LED work and service lights. Finally, RB5 series round balers for 2017 can be equipped with a new ISOBUS Class 3 tractor and baler automation option. This allows operators to stop the tractor automatically when the target bale size is reached. From there, net wrap is applied automatically and, when the wrap cycle is complete, the baler tailgate raises and lowers automatically to eject each wrapped bale. Once the completed bale is ejected, the operator simply moves the tractor shuttle lever to the forward position to continue baling.