Visitors to next month’s SIMA show will be able to see the first of a new four-model range of YTO-made Mancel tractors.

At the last Agritechnica in November 2017, the Chinese-firm spoke of plans to enter the European market. The messages were that it was not only actively seeking European dealers and partners, but also investing around €60 million at St. Dizier in France, which the Chinese acquired from Argo Tractors in 2011, to be able to assemble tractors there, with more investments planned in the future.

‘We have a long way to go but the plan is to show our first European-built tractor at the 2019 SIMA, with production planned to start sometime 2020’ was the message.

True to its word, the first of a new range of French-made Mancel tractors will be on display at this year’s edition of the French show, next month. Powered by Stage V engines, we understand that the new 110 to 145hp range is built from 80% European components and that production is planned to start in early 2020.

The company has never made a secret of plans to develop a full range of European-built tractors, and two smaller ranges from 50 to 75hp and from 85 to 105hp are in the pipeline. By 2025, the company plans to make around 8,000 tractors a year. The first models will have a powershift but longer term a CVT will be part of the game plan.

Looking further up the power scale, at the last Agritechnica, the Chinese firm said it was developing both 300hp and 400hp tractors (prototypes already running in China), which when ready, sometime 2020, will give the company a complete portfolio from 15 to 400hp.

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