DRIVING IMPRESSION: With the Solus, Horsch is revisiting the topic of precision planting cereals, but the machine should also be suitable for many other types of crop. Our German colleagues caught up with the prototype to learn a little more.

Precision sowing cereals, maize or beet is not a new concept for Horsch, but drilling all of these crops with just the one machine most certainly is. This machine is called the Solus.

A quick look back
Ten years ago, Horsch caused a bit of a stir when it introduced its Singular System for the precision drilling of cereals. This metering technology is still available today on Horsch’s Pronto, Express and Focus machines. So, why another concept that achieves the same goal? A major boon for the Solus is that it does not demand calibrated seed — a big plus. Not only that, but precise depth control is also part of the remit. In order to achieve these two feats, the Solus uses proven components from the familiar Maestro precision planters with one depth control wheel on either side of the row unit.

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