Kverneland S-series power harrow and E-Drill Maxi Plus: Two in a bed

Grain and fertiliser drills are nothing new if you live in Scotland or Ireland, but their ability to sow two products at once is now gaining wider appeal for combi cropping. Moreover, this increased interest in drilling two seed types at the same time has encouraged Kverneland to develop the E-Drill Maxi Plus along with a new line of harrows to accompany it

by Sonke Schulz

29 Jul 2020

There is a growing amount of interest in establishing companion crops, such as drilling white clover alongside cereals or ryegrass with beans. And this has prompted several machinery makers to reinvent their grain and fertiliser drills. One of these firms is Kverneland, which has taken the opportunity to add the new E-Drill Maxi Plus — a rear-mounted one-pass combination with a partitioned hopper, two metering units and two external distributors, complete with their own delivery tubes that drop the seed or other product into the same coulter.