Meet the Boss

Castlemaine and coq au vin. Fosters and foie gras. Tempted? Nah. Thought not. Such Aussie and Gallic combos are likely to be a soupçon too Blumenthal for traditionally conservative farming palates, yet it’s a cocktail that’s clearly working for Sly Agri. For the past couple of years the Lincs-based firm has been pairing an Australian seed coulter with a French-built chassis, with the resulting Boss drill creating quite a stir in the UK’s arable sector.

by topliner

12 Jun 2019

One of the relatively new kids on the no-till block is Lincs firm Sly Agri, which is now into its second year of marketing the French-built Sly Boss drill, complete with its Australian-designed coulter unit. We take a guided tour of a fresh-out-of-the-factory 6.0m model before having a brief go with the company’s two-year-old demo unit