DRIVING IMPRESSION: Grass sowing and cereal establishment have their differences, their own particular requirements. Dutch company Swincosem claims to know exactly what grass wants for the strongest possible start, prompting us to take a closer look.

Swincosem is a small firm based in the south of the Netherlands specialising in seed drills and pneumatic fertiliser spreaders. Among its line-up is the P300/64 seed drill combination, which has been specifically developed for sowing grass seed with a very narrow row spacing of just 4.68cm.

The tilling job is left to an Amazone KE3001 Super power harrow, which is then fitted with Swincosem bits including a hopper that holds around 300kg of seed. The distribution head is located inside the tank, and the fan for the pneumatic seed delivery system is belt driven by the harrow’s auxiliary pto stub.

The stainless steel levelling bar is a Swincosem development. Rather than being rectangular, it has a rounded bottom, and, being springloaded, it can also deflect to the rear. With the ground suitably worked, the Dutch firm then uses a tandem roller consisting of
interlocking 550mm press rings. Both rollers are connected to each other by a chain. Hydraulic rams positioned on either side stop the front roller on the bogey from sinking in too much.

The front and rear press rollers are offset by 4.68cm so the rings create the furrow for the grass seed to be blown into by the 32 outlets behind the first and second rollers. Channel steel bars then trail behind like paddles to ensure that the seed is covered before the seedbed is finally firmed by a 50cm diameter crumbler roller.

The crumbler roller has a wider working width than the ring press to help prevent any ridges at the sides. This does mean the overall
width is 3.30m. Another version, which has a transport width of 2.90m and a working width of 2.50m, is available for those more mindful of on-road widths.

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