With the previous 900s, Fendt’s big horsepower crown was starting to sit at a precarious angle as its competitors closed the technology and versatility gap. But, with this sixth generation, the German tractor maker is bang back on form with features that are genuinely useful in the field and on the road, plus a new motor that packs power and sips juice. Or at least that’s what our test team thinks with the 942 Vario.

The new generation Fendt 900 family has more in common with the larger 1000 series line-up than it does with its predecessor. Or that was certainly our thoughts from our driving impression in the 8/2019 issue. In the UK and Ireland, the older 900s have always proved popular, especially the 930 and 936. With the introduction of the new generation, it is the 936 and 942 that have taken over as the key sellers, with over 130 units having already now landed here since the launch in July 2019. And these are not just going to existing owners, says Fendt, as it looks to tempt Magnum and 8R buyers over to the German tractor brand.

The five-model range (217kW/296hp 930 to the featured 305kW/415hp 942) employs a MAN motor, replacing the Deutz lump in the previous (202kW/275hp 927 to 291kW/396hp 939). This is a 9.0-litre, six-cylinder compared to the 12.4-litre version in the 1000 series. Unlike its bigger brothers, the 900s have the fan located behind the radiator pack, a less complex arrangement that also allows a front pto to be fitted.

The MAN engine boasts four valves per pot, common rail injection at 2,500 bar and a variable geometry turbo with an incorporated linkage. To comply with Stage V regs, it uses a particulate filter, oxidation catalyst and selective catalytic converter, but it manages without exhaust gas recirculation

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