LIVESTOCK: In its second DLG test, Gea’s DairyRobot R9500 Monobox milking robot achieves top scores.

With electricity an increasingly expensive cost, and much more attention being paid to the total amount of water used on farms, these two consumables are becoming more important than ever when comparing all of the different automatic milking systems. In the past, farmers had to rely on manufacturer information, but today they can get hold of independent data.

Back in 2014, the German Agricultural Society (DLG) debuted the world’s only test carried out to a set standard for measuring all the various consumables under lab conditions, allowing the tests to be repeated on different makes of robot. In conjunction with the calculation model developed by the Bavarian State Research Centre for Agriculture (LfL) and profi, the test results allow farmers to compare various consumption figures for different scenarios.

Gea shows commitment
When profi asked Gea in 2018 to submit a milking robot for the consumption tests, it not only supplied the Monobox design that was launched in 2016, but also its two-box system introduced in 2017. Great news for us and you, too, as we were able to compare both set-ups.

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