Safety and efficiency

Running an organic beef, sheep and egg-laying operation across four farms covering some 670ha, a well-known Northumberland farmer is investing for his family’s future. A new cattle handling system is just the latest purchase for the farms’ on-going development

1 May 2020

‘If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well’ — an adage you might well apply to beef and sheep farmer Simon Bainbridge, whose family business goes under the name of Bainbridge Farms and is based around the home farm of Donkin Rigg, near Cambo, Morpeth. The business has been centred there for almost 30 years since Simon’s father and mother, Ivan and Elisabeth, took on this National Trust tenancy, Ivan having farmed for more than 50 years. The tenancy transferred to Simon some 20 years ago when it occupied 145ha, an enterprise he has since increased to 670ha by a combination of additional tenancies and the purchase of just over 283ha.