TUNING: Blockages or shear pins snapping can certainly cause frustration. Profi readers have sent us their ideas to help cultivations go a little smoother. Sönke Schulz compiled this round-up.

This reader operates a Köckerling GFZ cultivator for shallow work and seedbed preparation. The 3.0m machine was a used buy, but the existing double roller was unable to maintain a consistent working depth, so the new owner came up with his own 42cm diameter double flat bar crumbler rollers, each made from nine bars. Lasered parts were supplied by a local workshop. The rear roller can be levelled using turnbuckles, while a
multi-hole set-up allows depth to be altered from 3cm to 15cm deep. The tines were also replaced with 21 Herkules tines (70mm by 12mm) and 180mm goosefoot points.

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