PRACTICAL TEST: As well as the Juwel 8, Lemken also has the 8i version, with the ‘i’ referring to ISObus. In a brief test we discovered what the ‘i’ can achieve.

When the Juwel range of ploughs was introduced back in 2010, Lemken added a number of electronic features for the first time on the fully-mounted ‘8’ models. It all started with the angle sensor that allowed operators to adjust the pitch without any mechanical stops. The ISObus-compatible Turn Control Pro system on the Juwel 8TCP went one step further. In addition to having many settings at the touch of a button, it also features automatic furrow straightening with the help of GPS.

The ‘i’ equipment on the Juwel 8 ploughs takes this to another level of sophistication. Notable features include easier ploughing
thanks to presets and the refined GPS-based control system. This comes with a caveat — but more on that later.

We got our hands on one of the new Juwel 8i ploughs to do a spot of ploughing over a few days last autumn.

Almost identical hardware
The four-, five- and six-furrow Juwel 8i with ISObus is based on the 8MV model with an underbody clearance of 80cm and interbody spacing of 100cm, with the main beam steel measuring 140cm x 140cm and 10mm thick. Our test ‘i’ plough had the optional 85cm underbody clearance, with this extra 5cm clearance costing £77 per furrow. There are other Juwel models within the Lemken range with different size beams and options, but these are not offered as an ‘i’ ISObus plough.

In the entry-level ‘i’ version, the ISObus equipment includes electronic adjustment of the front furrow and working width as well as pitch. There is the option of setting the depth wheel via the terminal (£3,721). The FlexPack mounted press (£11,642) that was on our test plough is also integrated into the control system. On the OF onland version (£3,139), a ram is integrated here instead of the spindle for adjusting the draft point, and note that ploughing in-furrow is still possible with the OF.

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