DRIVING IMPRESSION: If you’re wanting a mechanical option to control weeds, then the Swedish firm Lyckegård may have a solution for you with its Kvickfinn — a tool that loosens the soil with tines, before a rotor sifts out the plants and leaves them on the surface to dry out.

The Kvickfinn originates — as its name suggests – from Finland. In parts of the country, couch grass or thistles are considered very difficult weeds to control, which is why the manufacturer Lyckegård developed the Kvickfinn as a mechanical solution.

This two-part implement has three rows of spring tines positioned at the front, followed by a powered rotor. The latter throws the uprooted weeds to the rear, almost as a mower conditioner throws the grass back, but in this case the aim is to remove the soil from the plant. As the plants are lighter than the soil, they are thrown higher and then drop onto the soil surface. Ideally, the weeds will then dry out and not re-establish.

Spotlight on spec
Lyckegård markets the Kvickfinn in three different builds: one with a single-row of leading tines and two other variants with three tine rows. With the three-row models, the manufacturer distinguishes between a simpler, more basic machine and a ‘Premium’ version.

Available working widths vary depending on the model. The Premium models are offered in widths of between 2.75m and 6.20m, the largest model being semi-mounted while all the others are carried on the three-point linkage.

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