DRIVING IMPRESSION: Looking to stand out from the power harrow crowd, Italian machine maker Moreni has come up with a special tine design. We take a look at the three-blade arrangement on the 3.0m Kronos.

Based in Montichiari in Northern Italy, Moreni’s key focus is power harrows: from specialist compact versions for fruit and horticulture to larger 8.0m
wide models for mainstream cultivations. We used the 2.94m (tine to tine) Kronos KQ300C.

Traditional harrow
The Kronos power harrow headstock makes a solid impression and offers Cat III coupling points. Our machine was equipped with a rear drill linkage, which has a lift capacity of 2.0t, according to the spec sheet. The harrow is driven through a Walterscheid shaft with a friction clutch for protection. At a 750rpm pto speed, the rotors are spinning at 342rpm, comments the manufacturer. A two-speed gearbox for different rotor speeds is an option, and use with a 540 or 1,000rpm speed is also possible

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